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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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Should Lead Generators Risk Combining Buyer Personas?

You’ve heard of buyer personas before. These are the little profiles that sales lead generators use to categorize different prospects. This makes it easier to predict exactly what a customer might be looking for. It makes for faster qualification process and it serves as a springboard for speculating future customer demands.

Still, sometimes you can have one too many because you’ve grown to have so many different kinds of B2B customers. Could it be high time to cut down on the categories and maybe start mixing them up?

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Events – A Source of Sales Leads and Economy Fertilizer

Most people in the B2B marketing scene see events as opportunities to generate more sales leads outside the usual activities of lead nurturing, telemarketing, and data mining. It’s also a good excuse to get out and enjoy the summer.

Though while all of that is true. Don’t overlook the fact that the event you’re participating in could also be a sort of fertilizer to an even greater economy.

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How Lead Generation Campaigns Benefit from Smaller Audience

Apparently, there are other things to appreciate about the Superbowl asides from just football. Heck, if you’re in the marketing profession, you’ll know that the Superbowl ads are another interesting highlight of the event. After all, it’s a well-known fact that millions of dollars are spent all just for a few minutes of advertising during the big game.

It’s not as hard to believe when you consider the eyeballs. But more to the point, the huge turnout of the event can sometimes be the envy of other marketers who wished they had just as big an audience. How would you like a Superbowl size attendance for your webinar or tradeshow? Although, does this mean that lead generation campaigns have nothing to gain from anything less?

You’d be surprised.

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