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Financial Planning Leads – Beware Hidden Costs of Cutting Costs

Generating financial planning leads seems easy when you make an easy presentation out of cutting costs. Just explain to a prospect how they can save up more and they’ll ready to hear the rest from a sales rep.

More experienced planners on the other hand will caution everyone against deceptive cutting. Doing away with one expense sounds easier on paper than in practice.

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Financial Planning Leads – Less is Better than None?

One of the prime arguments for retention over acquisition is the 80/20 rule. This is often a favorite rule for those in the financial planning business. Long-term business relationships ensure more stability compared to constantly creating new ones with little thought of nurturing them afterwards.

On the other hand, what happens when retaining actually means getting less from your long-time customers? Does it mean generating more financial planning leads or is getting less still better than getting none?

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Lead Generation Tips – Use What Only Keeps Working

In lead generation, there will always be pointless debates about the age of a certain method and whether or not such practices still work. If it has been shown to work, then skeptics focused on the age as if it discredited its place in modern lead generation strategies. If it was proven to fail in light of recent times, the supporters of the obsolete means use age as well as if its ancient use was somehow still relevant.

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Lead Generation Tips – Work On Clients Who Need It

When applying targeting to your lead generation campaign, there is a tendency to be too constrictive. You have to be careful about specifying prospects that might be too difficult to acquire even if you did have the resources for it. In financial services for example, just because your company can realistically imagine itself serving businesses on the high end does not mean you should risk restricting your lead generation campaign to only that particular market.

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When Financial Sales Leads Are Thrown Into A Panic

There are days when you seem to generating financial sales leads like normal when all of a sudden something big comes in and has sent all those sales leads into a panic. It is like those typical monster attacks where the emergence of a humongous lizard or alien stomps into town and your sales leads are the people running around screaming, not knowing what to do.

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Telemarketing For Things That People Hate

Why would you use telemarketing to promote something everybody hates? It sounds more like a cash burner and a nutjob’s way of killing his/her own business. The truth though is that while the reasons are few, they are all very good reasons for why you should use telemarketing for them.

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Lead Generation Tips – Do Not Be A Disposable Double!

During the course of your financial services lead generation campaign, you might encounter prospects who more less want you to substitute for their financial advisor. On one hand, that sounds like a good thing and it means this prospect could be a long-term client. On the other hand, playing the substitute could also mean your lead generation strategy plants the wrong ideas in to prospect’s heads.

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You Lose Sales Leads If You Assume A Prospect’s Ignorance!

Being an industry leader may get you a lot of financial services leads but that is not an excuse to treat your prospects like idiots. Heck, sometimes you can do it even in the most polite way but still lose your sales leads because you assume every prospect you engage in is clueless about what you know.

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Telemarketing Tips – Turning Black-And-White To Gray

Many people treat telemarketing like it is an black-and-white issue. One side is always evil and the other side is always good. Oddly enough, financial services get the same bad rep. Fortunately, this makes it easier to use telemarketing to generate financial services leads if you know how to turn your black-and-white perspective in to a spectrum of gray.

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Telemarketing Tips – Know When To Let Yourself In

One of the things that people hate most about telemarketing is that it is intrusive. However, there can be times when you have to let yourself in during telemarketing campaigns. Make no mistake, it is still wrong to intrude on a prospect but only if it is without sufficient reason. It can be an entirely different thing when your telemarketing calls are being ignored right after being asked for.

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