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You Lose Sales Leads If You Assume A Prospect’s Ignorance!

Being an industry leader may get you a lot of financial services leads but that is not an excuse to treat your prospects like idiots. Heck, sometimes you can do it even in the most polite way but still lose your sales leads because you assume every prospect you engage in is clueless about what you know.

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Sales Leads Should Not Always Involve Spending

Generating sales leads should be about finding needs and problems to solve. Unfortunately, some people (both on the sides of marketers and customers) have come to feel that this always leads to more spending in the end. It may sound logical to say that not all problems are fixed by throwing money at them. However, the way that sales leads are acquired can give that impression.

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Financial Lead Generation Tips – Speak Using Benefits

From business owners to regular employees, all receive financial lead generation tactics with suspicion. Such is the increasing reaction nowadays to anyone offering financial management aid. Horror stories surrounding scams and frauds may be easy to clear but that still does not make it any easier for your prospects to understand what exactly it is that you do. What language should your lead generation strategy speak?

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Telemarketing Tips – Turning Black-And-White To Gray

Many people treat telemarketing like it is an black-and-white issue. One side is always evil and the other side is always good. Oddly enough, financial services get the same bad rep. Fortunately, this makes it easier to use telemarketing to generate financial services leads if you know how to turn your black-and-white perspective in to a spectrum of gray.

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