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Can B2B Marketing Derail Other Business Processes?

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Surprisingly, the answer isn’t a straight yes or no. Because with the right strategic planning, a B2B marketing campaign should work seamlessly with the other parts of your organization.

But even despite that, it still runs the risk of disrupting other business processes.

They’re just not your own anymore.

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Sales Lead Generation Tips – Treat B.A.N.T. like a Landscape

Finding the qualities of B.A.N.T. is no longer the main job of sales reps. The task has gradually transferred to the B2B marketers, demand generators, and other upper areas of your sales lead generation funnel.

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Grouping Sales Leads – How Attitudes towards Google+ Demonstrate a Diverse Market

You’ve heard of buyer profiles before. It’s not only a staple for generating sales leads. It symbolizes a solid reality in B2B marketing: No customer is the same as any other. But with differences, there often comes conflicts. How can you maintain a steady flow of sales leads while knowing that you’re doing business with people who have major disagreements with each other?

If you want an example, look no further than attitudes towards Google+. On one hand, some marketers say it’s a ghost town. Yet for others, it’s a social media haven. When you somehow end up catering to both demographics, how do you keep your entire customer base together?

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Getting Sales Leads for Specialty Offers

Like all holiday seasons, summer’s full of special occasions. Birthdays. Beaches. Blowouts. It’s the time of year when many industries get to offer specialty products and packages for vacation-ready customers.

But in B2B markets, similar demand can still help generate sales leads. Plenty of people need a lot of down time without necessarily losing their work focus. That opens up a lot of needs that are more or less B2B (from catering to your typical company BBQ to temporary outsourcing).

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Events – A Source of Sales Leads and Economy Fertilizer

Most people in the B2B marketing scene see events as opportunities to generate more sales leads outside the usual activities of lead nurturing, telemarketing, and data mining. It’s also a good excuse to get out and enjoy the summer.

Though while all of that is true. Don’t overlook the fact that the event you’re participating in could also be a sort of fertilizer to an even greater economy.

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Lead Generation Tips – Joining Your Buyer’s Journey

As more information becomes available online, buyers are growing more and more firm when making their buying decisions. This has led to a strong yet quiet movement among B2B and B2C markets alike towards respect for those decisions.

Both Hubspot and Marketing interactions have confirmed the growing power of the buyer way before they even walk through the lead generation process. But when your influence is reduced to that of a casual observer, what other role can you play in your buyer’s journey? Is it truly just the buyer calling the shots or do you have a choice yourself?

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Appointment Setting Tips – Avoid Other Ways of Intrusive Marketing

There’s no shortage of complaints about online advertising. In fact, they hearken back to the days when people complained just as much about telemarketers.

What really catches the eye however is that these two forms of marketing are centuries apart. Could it be that technology isn’t the silver bullet to the monster of intrusive marketing?

What exactly defines intrusive and in what other ways does it take form? Maybe it would make your job easier if you knew.

Not a real ad but it’s distracting no?

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Lead Generation – Making Your Own Magic Library

Lead generation isn’t just a process of gathering information. It’s also a process of storing it, preserving it, and making drawing out all possible value from it as ages. It’s like maintaining your own magic library.

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