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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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Digging Up Old Sales Leads And Piecing Them Anew

Most people regard the tale of Frankenstein’s monster as a cautionary one, a warning against those who defy boundaries of life and death. You can even see a parallel with the unwise resurrection of dead sales leads.

But you know, there’s always room for revision and reinterpretation. (Look at Dracula Untold.) What if you can actually piece together your old sales leads and put your monstrous creation into good use?

Good boy! Drive away those pesky peasants!

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The Monsters Between Yourself and Your B2B Leads

Monsters. At first, it sounds so easy to think up of examples. But the longer you do, the more you realize that there are just so many kinds out there. Halloween alone will only show you a fraction.

But more importantly, they have always meant to represent something (be it in symbols, metaphors etc). For B2B marketers and lead generators, there are many obstacles to success that could easily be represented by monsters.

Although, that doesn’t change the fact that they are still so many to deal with (both the monsters and the marketing problems they represent). The following is an interesting way to categorize them all and bring you closer to a better strategy.

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