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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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Setting 8 Paths for B2B Selling and Prospecting  

Do my prospects need my help?

This question has been asked too frequently in B2B sales and marketing. Instead of tiring yourself out in asking the same question, you might want to try a new approach in doing so. We suggest you should be a little skeptic and ask this question “I can surely help them, I know that but I have to know if they’d be successful with my product or service.” If they won’t grow with your product, then certainly they don’t need your help. Continue reading…

Appointment Setting Tips – Helping the New Guy in Sales

Sometimes the new guy isn’t just some intern working in the back office. Sometimes it’s a new member of your sales team. But like any new hire, there’s a typical chance that they need a lot of help working with your business’ older appointment setting process.

You might think that this could be due to your marketing strategy, the tasks you may (or may not) have outsourced, target industry etc. That’s partially correct. The other part though is that they could still freeze up when it’s their turn to finally meet a prospect (regardless of how good your marketing is).

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Appointment Setting Tips – Re-Establishing Credibility

Being wrong the first time can hurt customer trust and it makes it harder to acquire the same customer in your appointment setting campaigns.

This is bad for a number of reasons, the main one being you get more long-term sales if you invest in a long-term customer versus constantly generating new ones. Long-term, repeat customers require stronger trust.

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Want to Rush for Sales Leads? Get a Bigger Basket

All B2B marketers want sales leads. It’s what pays their bills, pays their company’s bills, and shows that all their hard work is paying off.

It’s not surprising that, when you’re getting the good hang of it, you start pushing for a higher production.

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Lead Generation Tips – Monitor Symptoms of Sales Stress



Some sales people thrive on the stress of an incoming deadline and it’s a skill that can take one to higher positions in business. But for others, particularly those at the bottom, stress at work may have harmful effects. How do you manage your lead generation campaign to benefit either one? Answer: Watch for the signs.

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Using Telemarketing Services to Share What Prospects Don’t Know

As we are in the information age, businesses are now more in a race to beat prospects at the knowledge game compared to their competitors. It’s one reason why direct marketing tactics like email, direct mail, and telemarketing are facing a tremendous challenge in particular. How do you beat someone who looks up every resource possible before you do? Whether its search engines or social media influences, gone are the days when you can underestimate the knowledge that reaches prospect ears.

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Lead Generation – Making Your Own Magic Library

Lead generation isn’t just a process of gathering information. It’s also a process of storing it, preserving it, and making drawing out all possible value from it as ages. It’s like maintaining your own magic library.

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Maybe You Don’t Need Full-blown Mobile Marketing After All

With everything that’s been written and said about mobile marketing, here’s something they don’t tell you often: Not all marketers need a full-blown mobile marketing strategy. In fact, in a lot of situations, that’s the wrong way to approach mobile marketing itself. Here’s how you should be thinking about mobile.

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