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How to Generate B2B Leads While Moving to Another Space

In business, there’s always a possibility of making a large move to another space. It could be something as permanent as relocating a branch. It could also be as temporary as fewer updates on your personal blog because you’ve announced your presence at an upcoming convention.

But in either case, it should never be a cause to stop generating B2B leads. Any day not spent trying to cultivate those leads is a day those leads could go to a competitor. What are the best ways to keep them solid and sales-ready even as you plan to make a big move? Continue reading…

Should Online Lead Generators Prepare for the Future or Prepare to Defy It?

This question is a little bold, if not outright blasphemous for those who praise technological innovation in business. But when companies like Google continue to foreshadow more radical changes to the online marketing dynamic, it’s really a question worth asking.

Are lead generators prepared for a day when their properties compete purely on their expertise? Is the threat of online monopoly on information so great that you’d rather defy it instead? There are no easy answers to the question that the future now poses.

No harm in trying though.

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Sales Leads Bloom Better When You Start Early

Contrary to what some think, sales leads don’t really bloom when you close the deal. In fact, closing the deal is really some place between watering the seed and making sure the plant sees the light of day.

That’s why when you’re generating these leads, it’s best to start early.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Speaking Human Requires Being Human

When was the last time you heard something like this?

“Don’t just speak human. Be human.”

It doesn’t have to be word for word but you’d normally expect this kind of rhetoric from the NGO or self-help guru crowd. You might think that it’s not all that connected to the practice of B2B marketing and lead generation right?

Well, what then is the point of speaking human to a very human audience?

Continue reading…

Can B2B Marketing Derail Other Business Processes?

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Surprisingly, the answer isn’t a straight yes or no. Because with the right strategic planning, a B2B marketing campaign should work seamlessly with the other parts of your organization.

But even despite that, it still runs the risk of disrupting other business processes.

They’re just not your own anymore.

Continue reading…

Good Lead Generation Starts with Leading By Example

You’ve heard of eating your own dog food? Apply that as a marketing concept and you’ve got yourself the framework for a good lead generation strategy. The challenging part though is the reality that organizations are not ‘perfect.’ Decision makers aren’t perfect.

How do you deal with these imperfections and make sure your value proposition isn’t sullied by bad examples?

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Sales Leads and The Quest Board

Some people believe that there should only be one kind of sales rep. While this kind of view has its perks, it can be a bit unrealistic for other organizations.

It’s like you’re one of those medieval fantasy guilds and there’s an adage going around saying there’s only one good type of adventurer. If that were true though, you’d think your sales leads would be like the same kind of quest on the quest board.

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Generate Sales Leads by Generating Your OWN Marketing Experience

Ever heard this before? “Everything you knew about marketing is wrong.” Now for some of you, this is starting to come off as typical. Yes, you are aware that social media (in spite of just being roughly half a decade years old). Yes, you know that everything the 90s taught you about telemarketing and advertising no longer applies. You know this and like to know the real secret to marketing success (assuming you’ve never even heard that before).

So here’s perhaps here’s something you may not have heard as often: There’s no one path to nirvana in B2B lead generation.

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B2B Lead Generation Tips – Damage Control Lessons from TMNT (Part 1)

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about the mixed reception the new Ninja Turtles movie’s been getting. Chances are, plenty of it was the result of out of marketing completely letting things run wild. (Case in point: the insistent highlighting of Michael Bay’s name.)

Luckily the fiasco teaches plenty of ninjutsu lessons on quick damage control. In this two-part series, you can learn how the style can work for your own lead generation campaign.

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