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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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Should Lead Generators Risk Combining Buyer Personas?

You’ve heard of buyer personas before. These are the little profiles that sales lead generators use to categorize different prospects. This makes it easier to predict exactly what a customer might be looking for. It makes for faster qualification process and it serves as a springboard for speculating future customer demands.

Still, sometimes you can have one too many because you’ve grown to have so many different kinds of B2B customers. Could it be high time to cut down on the categories and maybe start mixing them up?

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Should Online Lead Generators Prepare for the Future or Prepare to Defy It?

This question is a little bold, if not outright blasphemous for those who praise technological innovation in business. But when companies like Google continue to foreshadow more radical changes to the online marketing dynamic, it’s really a question worth asking.

Are lead generators prepared for a day when their properties compete purely on their expertise? Is the threat of online monopoly on information so great that you’d rather defy it instead? There are no easy answers to the question that the future now poses.

No harm in trying though.

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Your Appointment Setters Are Not Homeland Security

If you’re wondering how stupid you’d have to be to treat appointment setters this way, a quick skim through this Forbes article might be good food for thought.

Whether it’s terrorist group or a shady money launderer, there’s always a chance of running into what the article describes as ‘risky clients.’ Forget lack of budget or buy-in. The idea of accidentally pitching to a shady organization and selling them the tools of their black market trade is the stuff of marketing nightmares. Bad PR. Loss of trust. It’s everything you need to destroy any hopes of a future lead generation campaign.

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How Cynics Can and Cannot Be Good Lead Generators

Cynicism isn’t the healthiest behavior to have in marketing and business. It’s only refuge (if not excuse) is a need to be realistic when setting goals and defining qualified prospects. But as far as whole campaigns go, the tendency to be skeptical of any method can dangerously undermine objectives.

But if you want a simpler idea on how cynicism can help or harm a lead generation strategy, look at the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Lead Generation Tips – Monitor Symptoms of Sales Stress



Some sales people thrive on the stress of an incoming deadline and it’s a skill that can take one to higher positions in business. But for others, particularly those at the bottom, stress at work may have harmful effects. How do you manage your lead generation campaign to benefit either one? Answer: Watch for the signs.

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