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Grouping Sales Leads – How Attitudes towards Google+ Demonstrate a Diverse Market

You’ve heard of buyer profiles before. It’s not only a staple for generating sales leads. It symbolizes a solid reality in B2B marketing: No customer is the same as any other. But with differences, there often comes conflicts. How can you maintain a steady flow of sales leads while knowing that you’re doing business with people who have major disagreements with each other?

If you want an example, look no further than attitudes towards Google+. On one hand, some marketers say it’s a ghost town. Yet for others, it’s a social media haven. When you somehow end up catering to both demographics, how do you keep your entire customer base together?

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Recycling Your Appointment Setting Resources

When you think of the word recycling, you usually get a lot of icons in mind. Plastic. Paper. Can. Biodegradable. Non-biodegradable. Obviously this type of labeling is important because it helps you understand the process necessary for recycling a particular category.

What you may not know is that it’s also important when recycling other things besides trash. In your case, your appointment setting campaigns have plenty of leftover resources that need to be sorted out.

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Checking Your Telemarketing List with Customer Types

Leave it to Santa for having a billion contacts and still he manages to deliver all his presents in a short span of time. Think of the pressure of going all over the world in one night. You’ve got to wonder how this old fella stays jolly and rosy-cheeked, especially when he’s still got that list to check twice.

But for telemarketers, his work is pretty easy to relate to. It’s not hard to imagine Santa being an expert on managing contacts even it’s just for the successful delivery of kiddie presents. It wouldn’t be surprising either if he really did categorize them.

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5 Proven Remedies for Bad Telemarketing Data

A recent Experian QAS report shows that as much as 94% of companies think there’s something wrong with the marketing data they’re storing. That’s a very large percentage, and it certainly raises the possibility that your business is part of this group too. Can you even imagine the havoc bad data could wreak on something as precise and coordinated as your targeted outbound telemarketing campaigns?

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The Key to a Healthy Pipeline – Database Management Services

database management servicesAs a marketer, I find that having a healthy pipeline is important in the whole process of closing sales. The problem is, however, is that we often get sales leads and our pipes get “clogged” because of all the clutter that went down the drain. As more and more leads are generated, you’ll find that your pipeline is going to need to get bigger and at the same time it’s going to become a lot more difficult to sift through, especially if it’s been clogged up with junk all the months you’ve been in business.

Being a marketer, I choose to pick investments that get me the most bang per buck as well as those that give back on the time I invest into them. So when it comes to our own pipelines, would a marketer have time to invest in going through all the raw sewage just to clean up a mess they themselves create when they pour more leads into their database? If it’s worth the time and helps close more sales, why not. But for companies that do not have enough time to devote to such tasks, they often choose to engage with companies that provide database management services. Continue reading…

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