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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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Advanced Lead Generation from Advanced Tech

At CES, in the Hard Rock hotel, producers of the Digital Health Summit, Living in Digital Times and Silicon Valley Robotics organized Robotics in the Runway. However, while you could find the robotics industry across all floors at CES, it is still plenty years away from producing consumer technology. The majority of the presented robots don’t even look the part in the eyes of general public.

They however, represent something greater: new developments in the B2B markets. Improving robotics is just one sign that companies must brace for new ways to market themselves as much as create new products.

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Maybe You Don’t Need Full-blown Mobile Marketing After All

With everything that’s been written and said about mobile marketing, here’s something they don’t tell you often: Not all marketers need a full-blown mobile marketing strategy. In fact, in a lot of situations, that’s the wrong way to approach mobile marketing itself. Here’s how you should be thinking about mobile.

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Mobile Enterprise and B2B Mobile Marketing

Much recently, Android phones and iPhones have been often used to access the internet wherever and whenever the users please. And in a fast-paced age like this, more folks want their business over and done with as fast as possible. They can’t even sit down to switch on a desktop anymore. Why would they want to stay put in one place when they can take the internet wherever they can?

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Not Just QR Codes: 4 Ways to Fine-tune the Direct Mail-Mobile Marketing Tandem

QR codes didn’t single-handedly save direct mail campaigns, and they certainly won’t singlehandedly save yours. You’re going to need more than just a strip of barcode on your mail pieces to make the direct mail-mobile marketing tandem work out. I’m not even talking about nearfield communication or augmented reality. I’m pointing to something much bigger: the entire experience for your mail recipients. That’s what you need to tweak.

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