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The Biases Beneath Outsourced Telemarketing Services

When you go to an auto shop, you outsource doing your own oil changes. When you get a salon, you are outsourcing a job you could do yourself. It’s the same when you hire gardeners to do your yard.

It’s funny how, two to three generations ago, such ideas were unheard of.

Our grandparents all did their own gardening and other chores so why aren’t we?  It’s simply because someone else can do it better than us and does it more cheaply than we ever could.

In other cases, we just don’t want to do it but acknowledge that certain tasks need to be taken care of. The only reason why we’ve never called it ‘outsourcing’ is because it’s simple, so common. We take it for granted. But the truth is, that’s what outsourcing really looks like when you shrink it down.

Hence, it’s really strange why it created so many stereotypes. Maybe it’s just normal. May be it’s human. After all, it’s not exactly easy assessing hundreds or even thousands of different kinds of differently cultured personality types without offending anybody. Continue reading…

Offshore Outsourcing Against The Storm of Critics– Part 2

In the previous post, you learned about establishing a connection with the company you’re outsourcing offshore. Such is the first half of an effective outsourcing strategy that defies the claims of critics.

The second half is perhaps trickier. It’s all about a strong attention to detail in your relationship:

Offshore Outsourcing Against The Storm of Critics– Part 1

When outsourcing offshore, some critics are like tropical storms that rampage and overwhelm the regions you’ve selected. Offshoring has long been a target of negative criticism for stealing jobs with political critics claiming that the negative effects are often magnified compared to gaining the benefits they are supposed to gain.

Continue reading…

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