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Lead Generation Tips – Dealing with the Social Craziness

In the world of B2B marketing, it’s still a knee-jerk reaction to dismiss a consumer approach to new lead generation tactics like social media and content.

But like it or not, the success of those mediums in the B2C sectors is getting hard to ignore. Given the craziness that often characterizes Facebook, YouTube, and other mainstream social media platforms, it’s hard for B2B marketers to not feel both envious and spiteful at the success of such unorthodox methods.

How do you deal with this age of social craziness?

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Breaking the old B2B Marketing Molds

Job-Search-GoalsNew Year’s resolutions tend to be two things for people. They’re either a) dreams, goals, and aspirations or b) something people make but just get sick of later on. It’s pretty sad that only 8% of those resolutions end up sticking. But for B2B marketers though, this isn’t a bandwagon you’d like to jump into. It doesn’t take an MBA to know that the stakes could be higher (hello sales numbers) and the pressure to adapt just keeps piling (just look at the chaos that’s hit SEO marketing in the previous year).

So clearly, you need to make resolutions that are more fact-based but at the same time prepared to see those facts change. As a start, one old habit you need to ditch right now is sticking too hard to what’s not working anymore. Try the following resolutions to break those old molds: Continue reading…

Spread This Season’s B2B Marketing Campaign from Email and Beyond

Whether it’s just holiday pictures or office parties, there’s a lot more you can put in your business stocking this Christmas. As the end of the fiscal year draws near, the yearly finish line is now in sight for marketers. However, don’t give in to the tendency to just rush towards it without spotting the unseen opportunities found only during this time of year. Here are just some of the possibilities: reconnecting with past business partners, paving the way for the next year, creating new marketing pitches, or just simply summarizing all the success you have had so far.

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