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The Biases Beneath Outsourced Telemarketing Services

When you go to an auto shop, you outsource doing your own oil changes. When you get a salon, you are outsourcing a job you could do yourself. It’s the same when you hire gardeners to do your yard.

It’s funny how, two to three generations ago, such ideas were unheard of.

Our grandparents all did their own gardening and other chores so why aren’t we?  It’s simply because someone else can do it better than us and does it more cheaply than we ever could.

In other cases, we just don’t want to do it but acknowledge that certain tasks need to be taken care of. The only reason why we’ve never called it ‘outsourcing’ is because it’s simple, so common. We take it for granted. But the truth is, that’s what outsourcing really looks like when you shrink it down.

Hence, it’s really strange why it created so many stereotypes. Maybe it’s just normal. May be it’s human. After all, it’s not exactly easy assessing hundreds or even thousands of different kinds of differently cultured personality types without offending anybody. Continue reading…

How And Why You Should Evaluate The Cost Of Outsourced Telemarketing

Lead Generation Companies

Cost-efficiency has always been a reason for outsourcing. If it’s not the primary reason, it’s still remains as a factor. Cutting costs means you can save up and what you save up could be used for other potential business ventures (product/service development, outsourcing another service, or even expansion).

On the other hand, it also should mean that you need to be careful about how you evaluate costs and why it’s important in the first place. When it comes to telemarketing and lead generation services, there are a number of issues that can be brought up just because they involve costs. You have the debate regarding onshore and offshore outsourcing. You have things like labor laws like minimum wage.

These can play factor because with outsourcing being so popular, you’ll have a lot of companies wanting to do it for you and costs can be one category you can start screening them for. Costs can be more or less related to a lot of reasons why their services cost at a certain amount. It can tell you how much they’ve invested in their equipment, how much they pay their agents, as well as a company’s standards for professionalism.

Now as to how you should evaluate the effect of costs, those questions above already form an outline. Simply put, you don’t need to do some hardcore investigating but simply see how their costs relate to not just the quality of their results but also to their business practices and the people they hire.

A Lead Generation Company Should Care About You As Much As The People They Contact For You

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lead generation company, outsourced telemarketing, sales leads, qualified leadsOne classic scenario of corporate drama is the clash between sales and marketing. This is often a result of sales leads that the marketing side managed to generate but is done in a way that is not to the sales team’s liking. Don’t even think that outsourcing would somehow avert this confrontation because the factors causing clashes have not been dealt with.

However, just what are these factors? Well here are just some of them:

  • Different definitions of what a qualified lead is.
  • Different preferences for how to qualify a lead.
  • Differing desires regarding what stage to involve them.

If you’re thinking that those three factors have more in common than starting with D, you’d be right. It’s difference. When outsourcing, it’s not just the needs of your potential prospects that your outsourced company must care for. There’s still your needs to consider too. In fact, shouldn’t you come first when it comes to prioritizing needs in the first place?

A company that cares for your needs is a good listener and is willing to have itself set straight by your specifications on what a qualified lead means to your sales team, how should they be qualified, and when do they start directing potential clients to them. It doesn’t matter if the company is an outsourced telemarketing group or can do an additional service of appointment setting. Those features won’t matter if that’s not what you’re only looking for. Only outsource a lead generation company that cares about you as much as the people they contact for you.

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