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Lead Generation Tips – Secret World Cup Viewings and Other Awkward Moments

Let’s face it. At least half the world was still watching FIFA even when their favorite team was out of the game. Not only that, more than half of those numbers were also likely doing it while still at work (if articles like this were any indication).

So chances are you may have run into some pretty awkward moments in your lead generation campaign. Can you get any more awkward than calling your prospect while they’re in the middle of watching a global soccer game?

If you caught your prospects watching, pretending to be busy for everyone else, would it be a good idea to open the topic of the World Cup? Did you just step on a land mine?

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Sales Lead Generation and Football Fallbacks

Google’s Doodle is back to normal. Twitter’s put down the hashflags. It looks like it’s going to be business as usual on the internet now that the World Cup’s over.

And if your lead generation campaign has been riding these waves, it might be high time to change course. But where to next? If you’re struggling with this question, you might be like the many who neglected to have a fallback.

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