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How Your Customer Service Can Be Its Own Lead Generator

Telemarketing CompanyLooking for new business clients via lead generation is already hard enough. However, retaining those clients can be just as hard. In the world of B2B, there are more than a handful of products which demand a strong effort to keep current customers happy as much as enticing new ones. Business technology is one example and raw material supplies is also another.

Maintaining a business partnership can be quite akin to maintaining any other sort of significant relationship. Both parties need to work together. The provider must constantly be aware of the client’s needs. Constant communication must also be maintained.

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Targeting Executives As Sales Leads VS Targeting Them As Consumers

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appointment setting, professional telemarketers, sales leadsDespite their influential status, decision makers and high-ranking executives are still people. They have a human side to them that can still be appealed to when it comes marketing your products to them. On the other hand, businesses like yourself should know the difference between targeting these people for sales leads and targeting them like any other consumer.

Then again, it might be a bit easier for those on the B2C side. If you’re targeting these people as consumers, their position shouldn’t matter at all. You simply check and if they fall under your target market and the just advertise away. It’s a bit oversimplified but it’s nothing compared to what you need to do if you were targeting these same people for B2B leads.

For B2B, plenty of the products and services offered are just so large you’ll need an entire meeting to discuss them all and at the same time, try to close the deal. That’s why appointment setting is a popular addition to the services of lead generation firms.

Setting these appointments though demands a heavy mix of good communication, information management, and thorough qualification so that time is not wasted. Most likely, whatever your B2B service/product, you and your targets are often busy.

In other words, to approach executives for leads, you need to approach them as executives. They can be consumers but that’s only during the end of the day when all the work is done. Approaching them for B2B leads however demands things like a contact database, researchers to manage said database, and even professional telemarketers. Now whether you outsource for this or not, whether you’re B2B or B2C, be aware of how you’re approaching your targets.

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