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Appointment Setting Tips – Internalize To Avoid Parroting

Many appointment setting tools and techniques seem powerless when you are accused of just parroting. Put in another way, it feels like there is no point when all you are doing is just saying the same thing over and over. However, there is a way to save your appointment setting campaign from being run by parrots. Oddly enough, it requires you to remove something that seems important but is in fact the reason why you sound repetitive.

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Lead Generation Tips – Work Harder For Your Chosen Lead

Ever wondered if your lead generation campaign is like one of those sagely old men in adventure movies who are constantly on a search for some kind of ‘Chosen One’? If your answer is no, better think twice. The fate of the world may not be in the hands of one prospect but the world’s fate is not the only thing you worry about (especially on subject of lead generation).

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Status Of Sales Leads Helps You Plan

Whether your qualified financial leads come from an outsourced provider or are generated by your own people, it is important to mark the status of your progress with each one. It is like in strategy games where you actually see a building being constructed in real time. Oddly enough, financial planning services operate on the same need. They need to watch the status of their assets as much as their own sales leads.

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