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Lead Generation Tips – Learn Greatly From Great Failures

Never despair when your great software lead generation campaign suddenly comes crashing down to a halt because you mead a spectacular mistake. The consequences might hurt but great failures will always be great opportunities for great learning. Your lead generation campaign is not down for the count just yet! Use that great opportunity to learn in order to raise it back up!

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Does Health Lead Generation Play With Numbers?

Arming your lead generation campaign with a lot of convincing information seems pretty second nature for a lot of health-related companies. However, it is also a reality that people have become increasingly doubtful with the way people use such information to give their own spin on things. Does this mean that citing stats and numbers is still good for lead generation or you just playing with numbers just like everybody else?

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Outsourced Lead Generation – They Represent You First

A common objection to outsourcing lead generation is that independent third parties could be sharing the data with competitors. And if that is not the case, some will insist that they still share the same pool of data. The latter can be valid if you forget than outsourced lead generation company represents itself first and you second. The good news is that hardly is the case.

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When Financial Sales Leads Are Thrown Into A Panic

There are days when you seem to generating financial sales leads like normal when all of a sudden something big comes in and has sent all those sales leads into a panic. It is like those typical monster attacks where the emergence of a humongous lizard or alien stomps into town and your sales leads are the people running around screaming, not knowing what to do.

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Telemarketing For Things That People Hate

Why would you use telemarketing to promote something everybody hates? It sounds more like a cash burner and a nutjob’s way of killing his/her own business. The truth though is that while the reasons are few, they are all very good reasons for why you should use telemarketing for them.

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Lead Generation Tips – Do Not Be A Disposable Double!

During the course of your financial services lead generation campaign, you might encounter prospects who more less want you to substitute for their financial advisor. On one hand, that sounds like a good thing and it means this prospect could be a long-term client. On the other hand, playing the substitute could also mean your lead generation strategy plants the wrong ideas in to prospect’s heads.

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