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Should Online Lead Generators Prepare for the Future or Prepare to Defy It?

This question is a little bold, if not outright blasphemous for those who praise technological innovation in business. But when companies like Google continue to foreshadow more radical changes to the online marketing dynamic, it’s really a question worth asking.

Are lead generators prepared for a day when their properties compete purely on their expertise? Is the threat of online monopoly on information so great that you’d rather defy it instead? There are no easy answers to the question that the future now poses.

No harm in trying though.

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How Cynics Can and Cannot Be Good Lead Generators

Cynicism isn’t the healthiest behavior to have in marketing and business. It’s only refuge (if not excuse) is a need to be realistic when setting goals and defining qualified prospects. But as far as whole campaigns go, the tendency to be skeptical of any method can dangerously undermine objectives.

But if you want a simpler idea on how cynicism can help or harm a lead generation strategy, look at the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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