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The Necessity of Buyer Personas in Lead Generation

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lead generation, sales leadsIf you’re marketing to just one big demographic then your marketing plans aren’t going to be attracting the kinds of customers you want to be drawing to your company. In lead generation, it is important that you market yourself to not just the right demographic but to the right individuals as well. As such, marketing is all about knowing who your target market and individuals are – it’s time to realize the necessity of buyer personas.

Marketers who are just starting out may not realize the importance and influence that buyer personas have over their marketing campaigns. Targeting to large demographics isn’t exactly something that doesn’t work, however, when you are doing B2B marketing then it becomes not so effective. You need to know what type of customer you want to be targeting so you can help ease along the process of generating sales leads and nurturing them down your funnel! Continue reading…

End of the World? Ready Your Lead Generation Emergency Plan!

lead generation, B2B telemarketing, sales leadsDecember 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan long count calendar. As such, plenty of Internet hoaxes and people have begun to associate it with the end of the world as we know it. Some even believe, to a sometimes ludicrous extent, that an unknown planet called Nibiru is going to make contact with the Earth during that time. Well, if the “end of the world” is drawing near, it’s time to start plan your lead generation emergency solution!

Much like how our Calendar ends on the 31st of December, the Mayan long count calendar ends on the 21st of December this year of 2012 and begins a new. As such, we can safely assume that, as well as being confirmed by many scientists, that the world is not going to end. Whew! Great news, huh? But even if the end of the world is avoidable, and maybe still billions of years beyond our time, your business isn’t safe from its own “end of the world”. Continue reading…

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