No one alive today has no enemies. Even when we think we’re all buddy-buddy with everyone in our life, you never know who’s just waiting to lay down an attack on you when you least expect it. Luckily though, that’s not the same problem that your software telemarketing campaign faces, although it does have a few enemies here and there.

In getting to where you are today, are you sure that you haven’t stepped on someone? Even if your memory would serve you correctly, maybe someone just felt wronged as you paved your way towards opening your own software business – medical software, hr software, payroll software, accounting software, SAP, Oracle, SAGE. As said above though, that’s not the kind of problems you face when you employ cold calling as part of your strategy.

Your inside sales campaign will see an assortment of baddies, the likes of which probably even Batman wouldn’t be willing to face. Okay, once again over-exaggerating, but who doesn’t love a good caped-crusader comparison?

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