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tmnt 2014

B2B Lead Generation Tips – Damage Control Lessons from TMNT (Part 2)

Last week, you learned the first two damage control techniques employed to defend the latest Teenage Ninja Turtles movie. In the second installment, you’ll learn that not only did the film hit huge box office numbers (even rivaling Guardians of the Galaxy) but also the third, final secret technique to saving a campaign under fire.

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B2B Lead Generation Tips – Damage Control Lessons from TMNT (Part 1)

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about the mixed reception the new Ninja Turtles movie’s been getting. Chances are, plenty of it was the result of out of marketing completely letting things run wild. (Case in point: the insistent highlighting of Michael Bay’s name.)

Luckily the fiasco teaches plenty of ninjutsu lessons on quick damage control. In this two-part series, you can learn how the style can work for your own lead generation campaign.

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