Freedom means choice. And the more choices we have, the more specific we can get with our preferences. This applies whether you’re choosing the best way to generate B2B sales leads or presenting a selection for your own prospects to choose from.

But what if not everyone is always so picky? Having so many choices can be just as restrictive as having none! Some of your customers might even be happier if you just simply gave them less. Finding that right, magical number really depends upon how well you know your customer base and your industry.

The biggest factor is the weight of lost opportunities. Making one choice means also giving up another one and possibly losing out on the opportunities they would’ve provided you. The more choices available mean the higher amount of opportunity to be lost. But on the other hand, not all opportunities are recognized as such so maybe there was never much of a loss to begin with.

How does this help you identify the symptoms of a poor selection?

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