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B2B Marketers and Balancing Act of Privacy

Weeks after the Fappening has once again brought about a revived interest in protecting privacy. But when you protect privacy, critics of this advocacy are inextricably linked to the same people who demand more transparency from companies (and their marketers). In other words, no more secrets. You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

What does this leave B2B marketers In the B2B industry, this often leads to at least one implication that is often ignored by others: the loss of trade secrets.

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Lead Generation and the Secret R&D Lab

In the spirit of Comic-Con, here’s a little trope that’s often recognized but not openly talked about: Research, Inc. Technically, every company has its own version of the R&D department. But when it comes to seeing it in movies, it’s usually the department that’s often shrouded in mystery (even to other employees). They’re the guys holed either underground or in their own office. Rarely do they come out and most often comments about their work are cryptic. Nobody knows what they’re doing except it is top secret and uber important at the same time.

That’s kind of frustrating when transparency and authenticity win big points in today’s marketing. These same points could make a huge difference in your lead generation campaign. Should you build this much-needed trust or are some things really just best kept secret?

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