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Appointment Setting Tips – Plan Beyond the Prospects

The B2B market comprises of individuals. Not just individual people but individual companies. Each one has a unique set of problems that you can’t compare to the other (ideally at least). That’s why appointment setting campaigns strongly emphasize on planning ahead because salespeople still have much to prepare from the information they received.

Although, is planning ahead only good for B2B appointments? What about planning for an upcoming season or a possible new trend?

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Telemarketing Tips – Ride on the Smaller Trends

For most people, telemarketing is anything but trendy. But for B2B marketers, not even the new trends of social and email have completely eliminated the importance of a live phone conversation.

Still, that’s not without any major effort on the part of telemarketers. Like other lead generators, they need to know what’s happening in prospect industries so they can tailor relevant messages. And like them, they face the same challenge when there doesn’t seem to be any particular trend at the moment.

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