Telemarketing’s growing one side communication has tampered into what is called robocalling. This is a telemarketing practice that replaces a human entirely. In this method, everything is automated, contact numbers are dialed by a machine and a pre-recorded message is played to the recipient they answer the phone.

Robocalling with pre-recorded sales pitches is technically illegal according to Federal law. However, technology has made it easy to auto-dial numbers without getting tracked where the call are coming from, making the enforcement a fool. Frequent user of this method are politicians, which by the way is permitted because they aren’t trying to sell you anything –they just want to win your allegiance.

Telemarketing: A Robot is calling me

Less to mention, robocalling is not that popular. In 2012, 2.26 million Americans filed complaints about this kind of telemarketing method. One good reason you will never catch a good lead when your telemarketing team is using this technique. And if you do, you might want to arrest yourself for the authorities.

To sum up, companies that hires telemarketing agencies to do their selling are missing one vital feature –the product expertise that comes with a trained inside sales force that exclusively sells for your company. Inside sales people know their product inside and out, and can become consultants from the company.

Sales people should always be helping, not just closing. But they can’t help when they are not familiar with the product that they’re selling. Due to this, hiring an inadequately trained telesales agent to do the selling job much guarantees telemarketers will run up against the limits of their capability to answer questions and provide guidance.

What we are trying to say is that traditional telemarketing is the epitome of intrusive outbound selling. Cold calling hundreds of people who don’t need a product and delivering a scripted speech is annoying for the consumer and unproductive for the business. This is one of the reason why a lot of company uses inbound techniques and carefully customizing their outbound outreach.

In this line companies must continue to double their effort in seeking trained excellent inside sales forces comprised of the product, relationship building, research experts and leave the outdates practices of traditional tele selling.