Warren Greshes, author of The Best Damn Sales Book Ever quoted:

“Sales is a rejection. Plain and Simple”

The difference between weak and strong sales representative is how they react with rejection. First, the worst sales reps, after rejection, will walk around the building to recover from the situation. The second one will recover right away after rejection just like nothing happened.

Telemarketing: Nasty Phrases a Telemarketer can Say to a Prospect

Not only that, best sales people has their own secrets. They don’t use phrases that will likely to draw prospect in rejecting an offer. This avoids them from rejections.

Want to know the secret?

There is however some nasty words or phrases that signal a nasty telemarketer. Selling is not enough, helping is the new way of selling and making it sounds like will graciously and generously make your prospect available to need your help.

Here are some nasty phrases your telemarketer might be doing.

“Thank you for your time”

You don’t thank time from your prospect. They never needed it in the first place anyway. This leaves an impression that you owe your prospect for some reason or for picking up the phone. But that is not the way to see it. Instead, you must be able to offer your help in explaining or informing something.

“Just checking in”

For first time call in for a prospect, this should never be done. What are you doing? Checking them even if that is the first time? Oh come on. If someone will do this, make it sure it is relevant like “just checking in about our last conversation about…” now, it make sure have a sense.

“I wanted to”

Your prospect don’t want to know what you want. They only think about themselves. What you can do is to avoid it entirely, simply change it to “Would you like to …?” This will spark their attention and you can get immediately a yes or no.

“Are you the decision maker?”

B2B selling requires you to know that in a company this days, more than one or two decision makers are in the roof of the company. So you might be asking a dreadful question from your prospect. You can change it to “How would your organization make a decision like this?”

“I don’t want to waste your time”

This is a sign of your telemarketer that wants to hang their prospect up if they find it unfit for the call. They immediately wanted to end the call. The problem with this early disqualification approach is that it leaves a dead end for the prospect, as you’re basically giving up on trying to help them.

“Honestly” or “to be honest with you”

Another dreadful statement coming from your agent. This is the coup de grace for most sales pursuits, and a fitting phrase to end my list. This has to be the worst phrase you can say to a prospect. Why? As soon as you say “honestly,” you imply that you’ve been lying before. Some salespeople say this so frequently it’s insane. There is no alternative — just don’t say it. If you have been lying, do us all a favor and stop.