Every B2B marketing activity leads up to one thing –a phone call. Not surprisingly, reps that have the best phone skills are almost always the most successful. Being successful in this matter requires best technique and practice. Moreover, B2B tele prospecting is a tough job and that is to connect and set some time with business people.

There is one thing I learned from listening to thousands of calls every day and that is –whatever tool you are using to engage with prospects be it –email, lead nurturing, content, social media alert etc. It all ends in one media and that is call where relationship are forged or lost forever.

5 B2B Sales Call Elements that Swifts through the Prospects

There are five elements I wish to reciprocate to explain as I have listened to the call of our telemarketers. These elements can help you too in managing your own voice campaigns.

Show Maximum Respect

“Have I caught you at a bad time?”

Most calls are scheduled in advance but some were not. Using this messages conveys a thoughtful and respectful tone towards the prospect. Just simply say this and your prospect will feel that you are not in a bit of a hurry with their time.

Justify the Call

“I’m calling because we’re in the same beekeeping LinkedIn group, and I noticed you asked whether any group members could recommend a good supplier.”

Most prospects were not ready to receive your call or prepared to listen to what you have to say. If you can answer them eloquently and convince them, then you are adding value in your call.

Focus the Role

“Just to make sure, you’re still involved in managing beekeeping operations — do I have that right?”

This verify if the prospect is still doing the business he posted online. This message stratify the verification of the job information without asking directly.


“I saw that you downloaded our bee relocation cheat sheet, and I wondered if our mobile cedar hives might be a good investment for you.”

Research is done thru here. Before your say something like this, make sure it is accurate or else it will fail horribly.

Verify Compatibility

“Just so you know, our new hive frames are only compatible with WBC hives. Would that be an issue for you?”

Do a research again in this process. Say it like you value the business before anyone.