At Kick Start, we refine your appointment setting campaign with sales and marketing talents possessing wide-ranging experience and sharp industry insight. Our team of specialists has been trained and  tested to serve a wide array of sectors, from accounting down to wholesale trade, all underpinned by specialists expertise. This gives us a license to effectively handle the most profound challenges in today’s global market. We have created an environment founded on trust and team spirit, allowing us to make collaborative efforts work for your bottom line.

We are motivated by a desire to help you grow your business. This drive breeds business practices that ensure your investments result in long-term value. Our success depends on your success which is why we strive to improve your market position, help you thrive amid tight competition, and generate more clientele. Here’s just a brief summary of our win-win sales appointment setting strategy:

    • First, we nail down business appointments. Each of which is screened by our quality assurance analyst. All qualified appointments are updated in our CRM tool, which quickly sends an e-mail notification directly to your inbox.
    • Then, we communicate through e-mail or phone with the prospects to confirm the details of the sales appointment (it can be face-to-face, phone conference, etc).
    • Now, it rarely happens when an appointment is rescheduled or a prospect withdraws. In such cases, we instantly take control of the rescheduling and at the same time notify you of any changes.

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