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Fiction, Fact, and B2B Marketing

For most people, the Golden Globes are seen as both a fancy awards night as well as another standard for measuring what comes out of Hollwood. What most people miss however is that it’s also an event that rewards great storytelling.

And in B2B marketing, storytelling has become the new Golden Globe standard for creating content. A particularly unique challenge however is that storytelling has tendencies to blur fiction and fact.

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Can B2B Marketing Derail Other Business Processes?

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Surprisingly, the answer isn’t a straight yes or no. Because with the right strategic planning, a B2B marketing campaign should work seamlessly with the other parts of your organization.

But even despite that, it still runs the risk of disrupting other business processes.

They’re just not your own anymore.

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Outsourced Lead Generation – For When You Need An Army

Technology can be a powerful asset in lead generation. However, like many in other cases, it doesn’t always multiply your effort as far as you’d like. Having the tools that can make you a one-man-marketing team might be a good way to start. However, what if you reach a point when you don’t just need a team but an entire army?

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When New Sales Leads Mean New Direction

Marketing campaigns change directions all the time. Sometimes the best target market didn’t turn out to be what you thought. Other times, a new market suddenly pops up and you want a piece of it before competitors do.

There are more extreme cases though when a new market of sales leads will demand an entirely new direction for your business.

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Leads and Demands – One and the Same?

Marketing is becoming more accountable before the eyes of corporate leaders. And because of that, it’s important that you know basic distinctions like the difference between generating leads and creating demand. Granted, even experts end up blurring the two because their purposes are so intertwined. Unraveling these connections though is key to explaining the return on every dollar spent on marketing.

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Credibility – An Important Part of Software Telemarketing

  • Credibility – An Important Part of Software Telemarketing

    Credibility – An Important Part of Software Telemarketing

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software telemarketing, inside sales, appointment setting, software lead generation, SAP leads, medical software leadsWhen you do lead generation, especially when software telemarketing is your method of choice, credibility serves to be a very important thing. When you market your software products and other services through the phone, getting the trust of your prospects is of the utmost importance; you are selling something valuable here – business software. Your prospects should be able to trust you words as well as your company.

Once prospects start trusting your software company it naturally becomes easier to attract new business as well as to generate new software sales leads, like SAP leads or medical software leads. But what about when you are calling prospects that hasn’t heard of your business yet? How are you to approach them? Continue reading…

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