CIOs the world over are inundated with too much sales phone calls that many of them are now adopting evasive tactics. With such fierce competition from other IT telemarketing agents and increasing reluctance from IT chiefs, how can you stand out and really connect with your CIO contacts in cold calling campaigns?

Telemarketerse, IT Telemarketers, Lead GenerationCIOs, in general, aren’t completely dismissive of IT telemarketers offering potential solutions to problems they’re facing. After all, problem-solving is part of their job. It’s the way that these solutions are presented that most CIOs find issues with.

So, if you want to isolate yourself from the rest of IT telemarketers and really establish a genuine connection with your target prospects, work on improving how you deliver the message describing your IT solutions – web hosting, cloud computing, data centers, IT outsourcing and others. Follow these five insider tips to help you achieve better cold calling results when CIOs are your target audience.

1. Do your homework first. C-level executives naturally gravitate toward knowledgeable people. In your IT lead generation campaigns, make sure that you’ve made considerable effort to know more about your target audience’s company, industry, pain points, and buying cycle. See to it that there’s really a real need and budget for the solution you’re offering.

2. Start with someone else. More often than not, CIOs themselves aren’t the right people to initially talk to when presenting your solution. In many cases, lower-level IT managers and directors are the ideal individuals to reach out to at first. Influencers and peers are also effective indirect routes in contacting CIOs.

3. Leverage other channels. Email and social media can greatly enhance chances of generating warm IT services leads. Before and after cold calling runs, emails work well for initiating contact and following up, respectively. Meanwhile, social media can help drive relevance and maintain engagement. So, it pays to follow a multichannel approach rather than just telemarketing
campaigns in a vacuum.

4. Stay where CIOs stay. CIOs aren’t confined to the office and aren’t stuck in the past or present. CIOs move around in the real world – at conferences, tradeshows, etc. – and they live in the future. If you can’t make it there, you just won’t be able to connect with them.

5. Turn features to benefits. There’s a small chance that CIOs will pay more attention to features/functions than on benefits/results that your solution can offer. That’s why you have to focus on translating “what” into “how” if you really want to engage CIOs.

Start applying these tips in your cold calling campaigns and leave other IT telemarketers behind.