It’s not an easy job’ this is what my friend told me when I talked about appointment setter. “Yeah you have a nice script to read, but the problem is. They’ll attack you with question that you aren’t aware of or ready” he added.

It’s true when he said that you’ll have a script and you just need a tone to make it convincing, but one thing is for sure, business owners doubt whether you can produce what you’re offering to them. Of course it’s there protocol to see if you can persuade them. But hey, it’s not easy to persuade a person over a phone call, to top it all; it will take you only five-minutes to convince the possible lead to agree with setting an appointment with you,

Five minute? How can I set an appointment within five minute?18dc1rv7gg73rjpg Well, here’s the thing, every starting business owners are ‘in a pickle’ and they need you to convince them that you can make a deal within a limited time. Some business owners who received emails spam from your company will doubt if you’re really going to help or you’ll scam them.

Now you’re in a tight spot when you’re being questioned by the business owners, if you panicked and the phone goes dead, then you’ve lost a possible lead. Just like what Adam Fridman said, you don’t need a script but just a call guide.

due to our belief that every Sales Agent / Appointment Setter must free flow the conversation with the prospect, and use the “Call Guide” purely as a reference for key information, statistical data, and industry specific terminology.” – Adam Fridman

I know some of you use script for appointment setting, but don’t you ever think that you need to be unique? Or treat them as you’re friends. I didn’t say having a script is bad, but why not spice it up a bit for once and talk to them like a business owner should, Comfortably and Reassuring.

But then again, Companies have different approach, so it will depend if your boss will let you be unique or change the flow.