There’s no shortage of complaints about online advertising. In fact, they hearken back to the days when people complained just as much about telemarketers.

What really catches the eye however is that these two forms of marketing are centuries apart. Could it be that technology isn’t the silver bullet to the monster of intrusive marketing?

What exactly defines intrusive and in what other ways does it take form? Maybe it would make your job easier if you knew.

Not a real ad but it’s distracting no?

Fortunately, the elements of intrusiveness aren’t so hard to figure out. Intrusive is the keyword after all. You just need to make sure that whatever marketing tactic you employ doesn’t end up getting in the way of your recipient.

  • It clogs – Suppose you’re looking for a spot to set up shop or just put up a sign pointing to your business. Would you put it in the middle of the road? It’d get run over or worse, cause a traffic accident! It’s the same principle when you’re marketing something but end up taking a dangerous amount of time for someone who’s just trying to drive through their day.
  • It distracts – A relevant message isn’t just so that you can establish some sort of connection with a target market. It’s to keep that message from being an annoying distraction. It happens when you email someone in the middle of an important exchange or call someone in the middle of their paperwork.
  • It derails – Ever had a moment when you were deep in thought but something screamed for your attention? Not a good feeling is it? It’s the same when you employ marketing tactics that could potentially disrupt someone who’s still thinking. It’s definitely a more subtle mistake to make (like when you’re rushing a buying decision or set pop-ups to display in the middle of a blog post).

Beware these characteristics whenever you adopt any marketing strategy, new or old. Be mindful if your websites don’t have too many distracting features. Time your messages well so that you don’t derail a prospect’s train of thought. The only way you will ever see a decrease of complaints is if your root out intrusive aspects in any shape or form.