Many appointment setting tools and techniques seem powerless when you are accused of just parroting. Put in another way, it feels like there is no point when all you are doing is just saying the same thing over and over. However, there is a way to save your appointment setting campaign from being run by parrots. Oddly enough, it requires you to remove something that seems important but is in fact the reason why you sound repetitive.

Repetitive Appointment Setting Is The Result Of Memorization

Polly Wanna Cracker?Suppose you are a financial services firm and your appointment setting campaign runs on a mix of email, telemarketing, and a marketing website to improve inbound tactics. You may not realize it but all those methods enable you, tempt you even, to parrot. Every time you copy-paste content or try to memorize call scripts word for word, your message is lost and your appointment setting campaign becomes as repetitive as a broken vinyl record.

If you want more qualified financial leads, this has to stop. Not all of it mind you, but you simply have to make a greater effort to sound natural. Natural communication requires internalizing. You need to internalize the core message driving your appointment setting campaign. Afterwards, just let the concept flow as best as it can out of all the channels you use.

  • What is it that you do? – A few buzz words might be enough to tell most prospects what kind of you business you are but do not lose sight of it. Sometimes your appointment setting campaign could be targeting a market with a culture that is not entirely familiar with what financial services normally provide. Tell them what you can do for them, why they can get a lot out of it, and might find themselves needing your business constantly.

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  • Why do you do it? – This is not the same as explaining the general need of you industry. You do not really need your appointment setting campaign all the time when you have competitors just as eager to explain. What you have to do is tell a short story about yourself or how you ended up contacting them. This also goes both ways. Listen to your prospect’s story and use your response as a means to keep yourself from the script.
  • How many ways can you say all this? – This is where you really need to challenge your creativity (and proof that the trait is important even in big business processes like financial lead generation). Review your websites and content regularly and see what can be changed. You need not pressure yourself to be too radical but do not fret about not getting the words right. You should all focus on what you do and why you do it.

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When you focus on a concept, you really do not focus on the exact words first. That comes second and that is the part that comes naturally, not memorized. Shift your appointment setting strategy around this and the core of your business. Let everything else flow from there and your business leads & sales appointments should follow. At very least, a parrot can do none of that.