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Are your products bought just for display?

Or do people actually strut with your stuff?


Appointment setting is more than just a marketing process. It is also a screening process. For companies like those offering healthcare support, such a process is their only means of differentiating users and those who just want to use your products to show off. You want your appointment setting strategies to connect you with those who give your products purpose, not pointless extravagance.

How Appointment Setting Can Identify Show Offs

Imagine it like this: your appointment setting process can be like a traveling storyteller spreading the word of a powerful artifact or legendary place. That item or location represents you. On the other hand, the health leads that you will attract will have prospects who view you in one or two ways. You are either an Ark of the Covenant or a Spear of Longinus.

  • Ark of the Covenant – Everyone has seen this little box on a lot of adventure movies or stories. However, if this is how a prospect sees you after seeing all the bells and whistles of your appointment setting campaign, you are in fact marketing to a potential show-off. Think about it. What is the point of owning a box that zaps you just for touching it? You got it. Something like that is better off for display. Sometimes, despite the efforts of your appointment campaign, you sometimes get prospects that are attracted to you for the wrong reasons. Best disqualify them now before you accidentally seal the deal.

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  • Spear of Longinus – In contrast, you do not exactly hear the same thing for items like the Spear of Longinus. In most stories featuring it, it is always used (most often by the bad guy, unfortunately but that is a minor detail). Furthermore, your health appointment setting process can only go further to make sure that your product is used responsibly and to maximum effect. Your appointment setting strategy actually has prospects envisioning themselves utilizing your product and using to the benefit of all.

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On a last note, there is a slight risk at confusing users with show-offs. There are reasons for why certain products are not often used but can still be put to good use. There is also the fact that perhaps displaying is at the same time using (like putting a device on display for patient education). Still, these are just a few extra things to keep in mind as your appointment setting process separate users from show-offs when you generate sales leads.