As you all know, when getting a sale we need to be friendly and understand what other parties want. But ask yourself this; how we can get a sale if we can’t even build a relationship between our co-workers?

I know building a relationship is hard; I was having a hard time befriending my co-workers. Of course it’s not impossible though, we can build relationship if we took the initiative in doing so. I have this friend who was bullied and didn’t want to befriend anyone, because she might “Get hurt”. But that’s part of life, we get hurt and stumble down, but we get up because we have too. It’s not easy but hey, at least we learn right?  Learning is part of living; we aren’t perfect and no one is perfect for that matter.7496765660_c8476ecf26


Now let’s go back to our main topic here, Building a B2B lead is hard because we are strangers. But that’s how relationship starts, being strangers. We don’t know everyone when we took our first step in this world. We are strangers from the beginning.


So how could we build a healthy relationship with prospect or possible lead? Well, for starters we should have an open mind about them (Even though they have a bad review, they can still change for the better). Of course having said this, we need to TRUST them that they can change at it’s not easy to trust a stranger, but if you want to build a healthy relationship between them, then you must.


Last Night, I was with a client (Counseling) when she asked me, “I wanted to get to know him better, but I’m afraid that he might hurt me” of course I didn’t reply her with an answer but with a question “How can you know if you won’t try?” of course she countered me with “Because a friend of mine told me (Confidential)” then I answered her with “It’s normal to be afraid, its normal to get hurt, it’s part of living” then the rest is confidential.


A simple problem can be easily solved when we face those heads on. We all have better judgment about certain things but what we lack is trust, I as a person can personally say that I don’t trust strangers but I’m willing to trust them with everything I have just so I could build a healthy relationship with them, and the outcome is better than I ever expected. I made many friends along and trust them completely.