b2b leads, sales leads, Make no mistake. There’s value in buying a list when you’re just starting out and need some information to work on. In fact, this is just as much as true in B2C as it is in B2B. Even small businesses need a bit of marketing research to give them an idea on where to go. It’s even likely that a lead generation company starts off that way.

On the other hand, it might be something else entirely when you’re spending so much money on a list of b2b leads and think that’s all you’ll need for a contact database.

Sadly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just because you can get information faster these days, it doesn’t mean it’s value won’t change as well. In fact, some might even say that it’s value changes as much as it’s acquired. Companies can change and that tendency indicates just how mortal the information you get on them can be. Decision makers end up changing positions. Promotions and demotions are likely to happen. Changes in staff could throw an entire contact list out of date.

You don’t just need the information itself, you need the resources and tools to take care of it. It may be a stretch to compare it to a living, breathing entity (like a pet). However, it shares the same, dynamic capacity to change (for good or for ill). Any group that relies on information (from telemarketing services to email marketing firms) knows this, which is why they invest a lot in maintaining it as much as making it grow.

Costs aren’t even an excuse even for companies who need a database but are preoccupied with planning for other things. That’s what outsourcing is for but that still doesn’t eliminate the importance of taking care of your information.