Movies like Forrest Gump are iconic because they’re associated with inspiration. It’s the same, feel-good element you find when reading entrepreneur success stories (as well as those who survive cancer).

But at the heart of it all, the common themes of determination and human spirit resonate well with what marketing is supposed to do. And not just for itself by the way, but for the business it represents.

Successful marketing is more than just product/service promotion or the mild measuring of prospect interest. It’s about saying things about your business that you truly believe about it.

Unfortunately, as with individuals, seeds of doubt can easily sprout. You think this doubt comes from the outside? No, it’s more likely to come from within. You want to know where and how?

  • Your own employees don’t believe it – If the people behind your products and services don’t believe it, how do you expect the same of your clients? More than that, are your people even aware of the good things your marketing campaign says about them?
  • They undermine overall success – Self-help gurus always say that the most destructive thing self-doubt can do is encourage the undermining of success. Now take that and multiply it to the size of your organization. It’s a strong sign that they reject the image projected by marketing.
  • Walls all around – Another way doubt is bred is by separating those in marketing from the rest of the organization. That makes it easier for employees to not care about the B2B leads they waste (or worse) the sales those leads generate.

The good news is that the solution is both simple and obvious (just like the themes of inspirational movies).

Step 1: Appreciation comes from within.

Marketing campaigns don’t start with just feedback from clients. It should also be generated from within. What image do your employees have of your company? Is it something that would appeal to customers? If not, improve on their sentiments first instead of creating an image they might feel less inclined to believe.

Step 2: Share your plans internally.

The first step in breaking down walls is transparency. Don’t keep your marketing plan secret from the rest of your organization (and vice-versa). Be honest about the promises you make in order to generate your sales leads. Neither should you hesitate to ask questions about what everyone is doing so you can find more value to present your customers.

Step 3: Work together in response to outside feedback.

Marketing also goes both ways and sometimes negative feedback from the outside can throw the organization in turmoil. Instead of pointing fingers however, all groups must work together to find the cause of the feedback. More often than not, everyone has a share of the blame regardless of which group is inconsistent with the other.

To put it simply, it really is just a larger version of getting individual people to believe in themselves. When your own organization appreciates itself, is honest about what it wants to achieve, and works together for its clients, your marketing strategy can be like your own inspirational movie.