Wouldn’t it be nice to stuff yourself with luxurious foods and a 1949 wine (Not a wine expert) during celebration? But the sad part is, you can only achieve this if you’re a successful entrepreneur or a lottery winner

And In order for your business to succeed, you need leads… and lots of it.

Without leads, you’re left with one choice, find a job and end your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

So how does one company or business generate leads? Well it simple, through a series of sets back and achievement, a company learns.

So I’ll be giving you five tips that I recommend for you to follow or just have a go with.

  1. You need to be persuasive – Sure, you use email to get leads but every once in a while why not change the content of that email of yours. You’ve used it enough now you just need to be creative and be persuasive through words
  2. You need the passion to succeed – Well, you do have the passion, but can you take that passion with you when you’re presenting your business to prospects? If you can’t then you’re left with nothing. But if you can, then you can have a lead that knows your passion when it comes to succeeding.
  3. The simple the better – Everything can be understood better if it’s in its simplifying words. Just like in mathematics everything can be understood once we recognized its simplified form.
  4. Don’t be fooled by a fool’s gold – quite redundant if you ask me, but hey it keeps us away from anything that can trick us. Businesses might double-cross you; others are just looking to make a fool out of you. One thing I can give you is “Use your common sense and your guts in deciding”
  5. Think not 2 or 4 or 6 but a hundred step ahead – “Sure a hundred is easy to think of, not! It’s hard” Yes it is hard, but that’s business. Life is not about giving you what you want; life is just letting you live in this cruel world. And in order to live, you need to think ahead of others.


And that folks is how you get leads. Well it can be a life lesson or a guide in life but it all depends on the reader’s opinion.