B2B telemarketing, cold callingB2B telemarketing involves a lot of cold calling, wouldn’t you say? But in this day and age where prospect engagement seemingly starts to matter more and more in the grand scheme of things, it seems like plain old cold calling gets the job done. Nowadays, we need to at least drive a reason for our prospects to want to do business with us, and with that we establish our grounds for performing B2B telemarketing. So, what can we do to get THAT ball rolling? Ohhhh I don’t know, maybe blogging?

Now you may be wondering on what we’re talking about. “What are these guys talking about? Blogging and B2B telemarketing?”, well, what we really mean to do here is to drive more traffic to your website, increase your number of blog visitors/readers, and hopefulyl the number of people who take an interest in your company. Blogs do at oft times attract plenty of attention, and that’s something that you want, especially if you want your prospects to know more about your company and the products/services you have up for grabs! So, how can you use blogging to help fuel your B2B telemarketing campaign? Here’s how:

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Your past posts were amazing… shove them back on the front page!

No, we’re not talking about merely just recycling a post here, we’re talking about placing your old and most popular posts on the front page of your blog so that they are seen by your other readers and visitors. Just by how much do you think your reader count has grown over the months that have gone by? As such, maybe they don’t know of the existence of your older posts (as some don’t really go clicking the view older posts button). And if your posts were really as popular as they were, then they should help drive more traffic. You know what that means: more traffic equals more potential people you can call!

Optimize the title of your blog posts.

What you want is more readers. And where do you get more readers from? All around the internet! If people are looking for the type of content you’re churning out, then you can bet that they will find it in almost any way they can. However, one of the best sources of traffic still comes from search engines, and that’s why optimizing the titles of your posts is important. Is there a particular keyword you want to focus on? If there is, then try to incorporate said keyword into the titles of your blog posts. This will surely help your post get seen by search engines, and thus increase its visibility when people start crawling all around the world wide web. Also, make sure to also optimize your older posts; change-up the titles of old posts so that they help your efforts as they are still indexed by search engines.

“Borrow” content from popular sites.

It’s not always about creating your own blog posts, you know. Sometimes, it’s also good to solicit content from sites and bloggers/writers who have already made a name for themselves. Would you rather talk about the benefits of Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook on your own, or would you rather have an expert from each site talk about the benefits on their own terms, and all you have to do is solicit that content and post it up on your blog! Although the content may not be your own, it still certainly will drive traffic for your site. Also, since it’s probably already popular all around the net, then surely it’s going to attract visitors to your site! Huzzah for more traffic!

Blogging is a good way to do inbound marketing. And sure enough, it helps establish grounds in which you can start doing some B2B telemarketing! Although cold calling is still without a doubt highly effective in lead generation, we can’t excuse the fact that warm calls are more pleasant for our sake, as well as our clients and prospects. So start blogging now; use it for inbound marketing means and start calling those that seem highly interested!