Using different channels for cleaning lead generation is no longer a new idea but it still remains to be a pretty effective one. However, your commercial cleaning firm might want to look to ESPN as an example of how multiple channels can really drive a message home and bring more prospects through your lead generation process.

Why Lead Generation Should Repeat Across Mediums

Lead Generation, Cleaning Lead Generation, Sales LeadsJust recently, Businessweek reported that ESPN is making a dive into the mobile business and cited analyst Roger Entner for commentary. The following quote however might need your attention regarding lead generation:

“The mobile side, he notes, also allows ESPN to offer advertisers a tighter grasp on viewers: ‘If you’re viewing an ad in multiple media, the memorability of that ad is significantly enhanced. If you see it on television and then on your mobile phone and then online, you’ll remember it a lot better than if you view it three times in the same medium.’”

Can the same be possible for your commercial cleaning services? With a little creativity, it just might but you do not exactly need mobile advertising to see the logic in Entner’s statement. This can apply to other methods you have used in your multi-channel lead generation strategy. There are risks you need to take note of though. It can be like turning lead generation into a shapeshifter just to catch up on getting warm cleaning leads.

  • You still have to change the message a bit – You can keep things like a logo or a catchphrase but make sure to tweak it just a little bit so it does not sound repetitive. For example, if you use telemarketing for lead generation, try to make slight adjustment to your pitches and responses. This keeps you from sounding like you are just reading off the email you just sent them.

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  • You need to change sizes – As implied above, you need to change the size of your output. Whether it is text, graphics, or spoken voice, your lead generation strategy needs to adapt quickly to the different sizes that restrict the different mediums. Web content should not raise flags from search engines. Email copies should take too long. You want the message of your lead generation strategy easily resized to fit any one of them at anytime.
  • You have to leave out what does not spark – A good way to start resizing is to find out what message is the most memorable across all your mediums. It is what indicates the very thing your cleaning lead generation process should consider the first to discover: need. Since you are in commercial cleaning, always focus on what maintenance issues plague prospects regardless of how big or how small the channels used in lead generation.

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Of all the three things to note, the third should really help you focus your lead generation strategy on what is important when it comes to serving prospects. You cannot have a message stick in their minds, regardless of how many mediums you use, if you cannot discover the primary reason for why they would make possible qualified cleaning leads in the first place.