B2B appointment setting, B2B telemarketingToday, marketers have at their disposal a broader array of marketing channels to promote their products and services. But despite the wider choices, many individuals tend to become a bit narrow-minded and focus on only one marketing avenue in their campaign. Such is the unfortunate case between advocates of B2B telemarketing and social media marketing. The fact remains, however, that each approach alone is less effective than when they are combined in a single marketing strategy. The question is not which one is better, but how to better use them together.

Both social media and telemarketing have their own strengths and weaknesses. But the two actually complement each other and reduce each other’s pitfalls. For instance, social media works well for general promotions but does not fare too well in B2B appointment setting. This is where telemarketing picks up the slack left by social media. On the other hand, social media can enhance telemarketing results, especially in promoting initial brand awareness prior to actual appointment setting.

There are many individual tactics to effectively align your social media marketing and telemarketing efforts. A good place to start on the social media side of the marketing spectrum is your profile page. A good profile page is both informative and persuasive. You should include as much information and recommendation as possible for your prospects to gain a lasting impression and/or take action accordingly.

Groups and discussions are also other features of social media that help in lead generation. By joining a relevant group or discussion, you’re positioning your brand in front of prospects with probably the highest level of interest for what you have to offer. Your regular participation in these channels can greatly improve your lead generation campaign yield.

All in all, social media is a way for you to join the conversation between your customers or prospects while B2B telemarketing allows you to have one-on-one interactive dialogue with them. Social media helps prepare your prospects for the B2B appointment setting portion of your marketing strategy. Thus, these two really work well together. There is really no point in separating them.