When building a large building, what do you set up after the base of the building is done? That’s right, the pillars.

Let me explain why I concluded that Contact Center is the pillar for Lead Generation.

When creating a plastic model of a house or store, we first build the base of it. It must be strong and can hold on to whatever challenges it may face, now that’s what we call Business.

Now continuing in making the plastic model, we are now going to set up the support, meaning the pillars. Now what’s the second step in expanding your business? Finding customers or clients, well it could be but it’s not. It’s how we find these customers, and by that we are aided or supported by Contact center. Now the cover for our walls is our loyal and trust customer and clients.

So what is our roof or who are our roof in this unfinished house? Well, to be honest, the roof signify the protection of the people living in it, and the only one who can protect your business is, YOU. Therefore you are the roof of this unfinished building of yours.

You can’t deny that without our business, our aiding contact center, our loyal and trust clients and US. We wouldn’t be able to fabricate a home. And home is where family stays.

It’s easy for us to forget what we needed the most and we seldom deny that we need it due to pressure and stress. But once our minds are clear that what we are building or creating isn’t just a business but a home.

It’s short, I know. But I’ve already deliver what you need to know, and that’s why I’ve written this piece. For all those who had forgotten why they build such company.