One of the question marketers tend to ask themselves “Does Conferences or events generate leads?” I can honestly say this to those marketers that doubt event marketing. Yes, it does generate leads, a more qualified leads if I do say so. Maybe you ask this because you haven’t tried it or you’re doing it wrong.


“Can we find our potential leads or audience there?” “Can we really make a sale in this conference?” “Will we ever find a great company with a great product?” All this question are coming out from a doubtful marketer who is afraid of going to the conference due to that reason. But let me ask you this if you don’t go, will you ever find out the answer?

This doubt is blocking you from experiencing the best thing that a company can give to prospects and business owners. The enjoyment of finding their possible clients and leads.


Going through with Event Marketing?

Here’s one and a friendly advice, if you’re going to do an event marketing. Try attending one, and try to analyze what they did right and wrong. Maybe you can start tinkering how event marketing should be use. But if you can’t then just take some notes in this blogs;



Every business have a different target market. So you shouldn’t only be focusing on your own but on other businesses too. Because once you do and that business who attend your conference or events, find their qualified leads in your event or conference, I bet you’ll be place as a referral.

Businesses are afraid to attend because it will be the plain and boring event or conference they have been too. So why not change that and be more creative. A little creativity in planning your events or conference might bring prospects attention even more.