lead generation, B2B telemarketing, sales leadsDecember 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan long count calendar. As such, plenty of Internet hoaxes and people have begun to associate it with the end of the world as we know it. Some even believe, to a sometimes ludicrous extent, that an unknown planet called Nibiru is going to make contact with the Earth during that time. Well, if the “end of the world” is drawing near, it’s time to start plan your lead generation emergency solution!

Much like how our Calendar ends on the 31st of December, the Mayan long count calendar ends on the 21st of December this year of 2012 and begins a new. As such, we can safely assume that, as well as being confirmed by many scientists, that the world is not going to end. Whew! Great news, huh? But even if the end of the world is avoidable, and maybe still billions of years beyond our time, your business isn’t safe from its own “end of the world”.

When you think your business is facing such a grave crisis such as your business sales lead generation campaign not being able to help you close more sales, it’s time to start planning ahead. But instead of running for the hills, your plan is going to help you fix your campaign. So you better sit tight and get cracking to fixing your lead generation campaign.

Here’s what you need to do to get you out of this kind of “end of the world” scenario:

Find possible problems and fix them.

Problems with lead generation are usually caused by certain things that arise throughout the course of your campaign. For example, B2B telemarketing call centers face a problem such as having high employee turn over rates. Due to this, they may not be able to generate a good amount of leads due to the fact that they keep losing regular employees and need to retrain new ones just to help meet the quota set by their clients.

Once you find out what is wrong with your campaign, you need to fix them. If your problem can be solved in a short span of time, then plan the best solution to get it done. If it looks like a problem is going to take a while, make sure to carefully plan your steps along the way to fixing it.

Explore other lead generation methods.

When one form of lead generation doesn’t seem to work for your business, it would be wise to seek alternative approaches. Sometimes we just have to look for new ways to market our brand and attract prospects.

Let us assume that you make use of targeted emails to your prospects in order to attract sales leads. Such an approach may work for when you are selling business products and services, but may not work as well when you are trying to market to consumers. Although some surveys will say that consumers were prompted to make an offline purchase by receiving email messages, others may not react as well. The same goes for when you use telemarketing to generate leads. It works well when done business-to-business but is challenging in targeting general consumers.

As such, consider making use of other lead generation methods as part of your emergency plan.

Align sales and marketing.

Problems in lead generation may stem from the fact that your sales and marketing teams may not share an aligned vision of what a lead is. Rather than having your two teams work separately, you should have them come together to help define what a good lead is; have them create a ULD, short for universal lead definition.

Once you have a ULD in place, you will notice that you gain more high-quality leads and have better chances at closing sales through your lead generation campaign. Align sales and marketing to achieve this.

So, is your lead generation emergency plan something you think that will work? In the event that such a critical issue does occur, planning ahead of time may just be the key to save your company from its very own “end of the world”.