Most people in the B2B marketing scene see events as opportunities to generate more sales leads outside the usual activities of lead nurturing, telemarketing, and data mining. It’s also a good excuse to get out and enjoy the summer.

Though while all of that is true. Don’t overlook the fact that the event you’re participating in could also be a sort of fertilizer to an even greater economy.

Just on a practical level, it’s something worth reflecting on because the idea can also appeal to your potential customers:

  • It makes you both part of a bigger picture.
  • It shows support for good causes.
  • It’s another way to succeed in the long term.

For example, take the biggest food innovation observatory: SIAL (a.k.a the Global Food Marketplace). Two editions of these industry events are scheduled to take place in the Philippines and then Brazil. You can see how such large conventions are great opportunities for the B2B sector in the food industry (including manufacturing, processing, as well as restaurant management). But as you can see, for the host countries, it can mean more than that:

  • It tied up with local events and industries – Both the Brazil and Philippine editions are also hosted alongside other nationwide events in the local food markets. In other words, the event provides opportunities for the local players as much as international ones.
  • It’s a global gateway – And by involving the local businesses, it in turn opens them to global market. In this case, it will allow suppliers and other producers to showcase themselves to global food production industry.
  • Global gateways bring in investors – It only then follows that a gateway will bring in more investment, the very thing that could get any country’s economy growing. For developing nations like Brazil and the Philippines, it’s nothing short of God-sent.

So as you pack up to attend your next industry convention or tradeshow, think of the bigger picture. Or if you’re the organizer, think of how that big picture gives a bigger reason to invite and attend. It’s not just a big stunt to attract sales leads. It’s a stunt that can grow a big economy.