In both telemarketing and event marketing, your value depends on what you are giving away. In telemarketing, it means giving away information in the hopes of getting information in turn that will qualify a prospect. Some prospects might need convincing in a telemarketing call and your only chance lies in facts they might be interested in.

It is the same with events. Just like telemarketing, events involve giveaways that range from actual freebies to live demonstrations of a particular product. Health seminars and trade shows are a good example of both in this case. But knowing that, are you aware of the risks of giving away to much? Many also caution to leave some for paying customers or otherwise you are giving away all your work for free!

Both Telemarketing And Events Have You Watching What You Say

Telemarketing, Event Telemarketing, Lead GenerationIt does not matter whether you exclusively generate health leads through either events or telemarketing. There is a need to watch what you say. Although, healthcare is not exactly the kind of industry where everyone needs to keep trade secrets. After all, many have the ideal that anyone who works in the medical business should do so for the good of all, not to line their pockets.

Now while reality likes to unfairly nip that ideal in the bud, the same reality also states that there are still some things that should not be made public. For example, if you are telemarketing an healthcare event, you do not immediately say:

  • Who else might be attending – Some other influential prospects might want to keep their attendance a little more anonymous. It is not like they are guest speakers and your telemarketing call should not try and parade them like trophies without their consent.

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  • What the event itself will consist of – It is physically impossible to squeeze the entire experience of the event into one telemarketing call so why bother? The important thing is to make sure you speak of things that will immediately get your prospects interested enough to attend. It is that simple.
  • Sensitive information that needs to be controlled – Think of the event as also part press conference. You never know if the person on the other end of the event telemarketing conversation is really the decision maker, if they care to even care for it, or even if they start giving their own twist to it. Better to give it away to a large, public audience to better control their understanding.

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All the above points imply repeat the importance of control as much as quantity when it comes to sharing information in order to attract interest. Spilling the beans too early or too lazily and your telemarketing return for sales lead generation.