The value of information today is not only related to merchant services sales leads. It is related to the very process that runs through buyer’s head before they make a decision. You might think that is starting to sound old but according to one article in TechCrunch, the problems that businesses face in this age of information form a painful reality. This reality could also spell trouble for you as you try acquire sales leads in an info-drenched market.

The Need For Information Is No Longer Synonymous With The Need For Sales Leads

Sales Leads, B2B Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThe TechCrunch article is only hint to how turbulent information has gone beyond the virtual and online frontier. One way or another, it is directly stealing interest. It could also be directly stealing your sales leads. For example, you are a merchant services company. Do you really think that you will not face the same problem as the small businesses in the article? Think again because your information is being given away for free.

Like some of the comments in the article, you can say there is no helping customers who take a glance so it is unfair to charge them. Yet again, the real issue is giving information for free and not gaining a sale (or even just sales leads) in turn. Many common tactics used to acquire merchant services leads are based on the notion that information should not be free either.

Now this does not mean you should start boycotting or advocating political action against online businesses. Neither does this mean you should reject online means to acquiring sales leads. The core concept in all this is that information should come at some sort of price (whether it’s offline or online).

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Do not be afraid that his concept may not sit well with your prospects. You do not even have to mention that you fear your sales leads might be stolen by online-based competitors. There are ways you can charge for information yet still keep it in your rights to do so:

  • Gain something else besides sales – Do you feel like you are being greedy for getting money in exchange for just information? Fear not. There are other ways customers can repay you for it besides actual cash. B2B sales leads are one example (you could ask for more information in return). You could exchange information bit by bit as a means to qualify your sales leads.
  • Emphasize the sensitivity of information – If knowledge is power (and indeed it is), then like power, it can be abused. The information in your sales leads may be sensitive but that it can be argued that knowledge about how merchant services operate are more so. Facilitating payments between customers and businesses is a process that is required by law to be secretive.

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  • Highlight some complexities – Another thing you can do is to cite an advantage you may already have: handling complications. Perhaps people are tired of having so much information available to them (and this too is becoming evident in the way information overload kills sales leads). Your own expertise can save them that trouble but at the same time, show such information has limits in terms of actual practice.

Since information is proving to be quite a powerful factor in business, it makes sense that sales leads should give you that value in exchange for giving information yourself. Do not give away everything in your financial lead generation campaign. Charge a bit for sharing what you know!