Like all holiday seasons, summer’s full of special occasions. Birthdays. Beaches. Blowouts. It’s the time of year when many industries get to offer specialty products and packages for vacation-ready customers.

But in B2B markets, similar demand can still help generate sales leads. Plenty of people need a lot of down time without necessarily losing their work focus. That opens up a lot of needs that are more or less B2B (from catering to your typical company BBQ to temporary outsourcing).

Of course, like summer itself, this doesn’t last forever and many prospects don’t want lose to productivity (and their minds) to the haze. You need to perfectly time your summer lead generation campaign so that they don’t get too accustomed that they permanently (and drastically) alter their work routine. So, how do you space time between your offers and generating demand for them?

  • Have a start and an end – When a season begins and ends, they have a natural way of marking it. It may not be a specific day but they do give clear signs. For you, you can be a lot clearer. Set a date of when your special summer service packages will end. Make sure it’s realistic and the words are clearly seen in all respective marketing materials.
  • Do it near the weekends – You don’t have to take this too literally. The reason why weekends seem a popular time to unwind is that there’s a sizeable week of work between them. In that same sense, it’s good to check if prospects have spent enough time at work before suggesting that they take it easy using what you’ve got.
  • Set your capacity – Think of a beach café that’s only open around summer time. Because it’s summer time, it’s always full right? That means everything is at capacity. Set a similar capacity for your business. Remember that you have plenty of other customers to serve so don’t hesitate to say limit whatever it is you’re providing one particular prospect. This allows enough of your resources to serve all and keep each customer from taking more than necessary to maintain focus.

There will always be a lot of work to do but there are times in the year it’s best to decrease the load for a bit. B2B marketers can serve as the limit to how much slack they can cut whether it’s limiting how long the break’s going to be or how many sales leads you yourself will be generating.