You’ve heard of eating your own dog food? Apply that as a marketing concept and you’ve got yourself the framework for a good lead generation strategy. The challenging part though is the reality that organizations are not ‘perfect.’ Decision makers aren’t perfect.

How do you deal with these imperfections and make sure your value proposition isn’t sullied by bad examples?

Ultimately, dedicated vigilance is the key. You can encourage prospects to follow your example but most of your efforts should really be less on marketing what you do and more on just plain doing it! For example, if you’re trying to educate prospects on SalesForce management then don’t just blog about it.

  • Focus on the practice – Dedicate your focus on the core of your value proposition. Keep exercising the good practices that you preach during webinars and tradeshows. Don’t waste too much time micro-managing what your telemarketers will say or what colors your landing pages are.
  • When you fail, fail with grace – Don’t make excuses. If you should have a plan to save face, don’t make it about saving it at all. Own up to not living up to the expectations you’ve set for yourself and don’t blame leaving customers or critics for doing what they naturally do.
  • Don’t plan to fail – That said, don’t spend too much time creating a plan in case of failure. Back up plans are good but they’re not your prime investment. Your core value proposition is your investment followed by generating sales leads to keep yourself sustainable.
  • Listen to feedback – The very purpose of feedback is to make sure you’re really setting an example and not just telling yourself that. Positive feedback starts at the core but you won’t hear it either if you don’t allow negative feedback to shape up perspective.
  • Look at the examples of competitors – Sometimes when you look at a competitor’s example, you immediately criticize. Avoid this temptation. You could be overlooking something in their example that’s lacking in your own.

Good marketing can impress and can spark attention but it is not the fuel that will keep a prospect’s interests burning. “Words are wind.” as it goes in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones. It goes the exact same way in lead generation campaigns.