You’d probably had this happen to you at least once when you were a kid. The day’s hot, the lecture’s long, and all of a sudden your teacher yells at you for letting your mind wander. Obviously it’s a clear case of the boredom bug.

But in the world of B2B marketing, sometimes that bug leads you to your next big idea. It’s like being called by that same teacher except you end up giving the correct answer. How is this possible? Maybe it’s because some people get better ideas in an unlikely context.

It’s like in the movie Limitless where it’s explained that information is always stored inside our minds whether we want to or not. Our brain just lacks enough capacity to process it all. That means even if you seemed to pay little attention to something back then, it’s really just pushed back into the deepest parts of your mind. All it takes is for something to trigger your connection with it and pull it back up to the surface.

Be it in school or the business world, conventional wisdom states that concentration is the default mindset for success. Daydreaming or lazing off seems counterintuitive.

The truth is though not all bored people are thinking of brushing off work. Some of them could be just looking for that little connection they need to bring a good idea to surface. That means their leisure can possibly yield marketable ideas.

Remember, not everybody needs to memorize the lessons by heart. In the same way, not everybody needs to spend hours crunching CRM data and Google analytics just to come up with a blog post. As far as marketing goes, there are so many other everyday situations that demonstrate ideas:

  • Local stores – Do you see sale going on? What’s the occasion? B2B marketing may have a lot of differences between itself and its B2C cousin but they still share just as many similarities.
  • Product launches – Are you waiting for something come out? Movie? New iPhone? Shoes? Guess what, that’s more marketing in action right there! Ever thought of assessing the whole thing yourself?
  • Commercials – Love them. Hate them. They’re still good for both a few laughs and also for brief glimpses on how businesses see their customers.

So the next time you see someone loafing around, read between the lines. Maybe they’re trying to grasp something inside their heads but just can’t reach it yet. Sure, there might be those who really are just feeling a little lazy but you won’t know just from a first glance.